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September 08, 2021

Biden Officials trumpet how
solar can provide nearly half of the nation's electricity by 2050

The Solar Futures Study, prepared by DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, shows that, by 2035, the United States would need to quadruple its yearly solar capacity additions and provide 1,000 GW of power to a renewable-dominant grid” DOE Solar Futures Study.


September 08, 2021

From 4% to 45%: Energy
Department Lays Out Ambitious
Blueprint for Solar Power

And last month, he announced that he (Biden) wanted half of all new cars sold to be electric by 2030 in a White House event with executives from three of the nation’s largest automakers — a goal that will depend in large part on whether there will be enough places to plug in those cars.

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October 08, 2021

DOE Sets 2025 Community Solar Target to Power 5 Million Homes

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced a new National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP) target: to enable community solar systems to power the equivalent of five million households by 2025 and create $1 billion in energy bill savings.

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September 02, 2021

LA Approves 100% clean energy by 2035 target, a decade ahead of prior goal

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to transition to 100% clean energy by 2035, in line with President Biden’s national goals and a decade earlier than the city originally planned.

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