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October 18, 2021



The Most Advanced Solar Energy System for Home and Commercial Use


Vanadium-Based Energy Storage Outperforms Traditional Lithium Batteries In Use Today 12:1


Bellevue, WA--DATE -- Forever Energy, a solar+storage company, has announced FEv, the next generation in end-to-end capture of solar power for home and commercial usage. FEv is a whole-building energy solution that includes solar panels on the roof, battery in the side yard, electric vehicle chargers, and personal device system controls.  The innovative energy system will provide for 30 years of service, completely warranted.

“The instability of our aging electric grid, combined with the growth of electric vehicles, is impacting the lives, finances and safety of people and businesses alike,” said Craig Jones, founder and CEO of Forever Energy.  “We need to bring energy capture and consumption closer to home.  Our FEv solar+storage systems can now provide homeowners and businesses nearly 100 percent of their energy needs.”   

Forever Energy’s solar+storage system is built on a revolutionary Vanadium Mixed Acid Flow (VMAF) battery technology developed by the United States Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  This new generation of batteries dramatically outperforms the lithium batteries used in today’s residential solar systems twelve-fold -- eliminating the need for  frequent battery replacement.  

Over the thirty-year life of the FEv residential solar+storage system, homeowners will only need a single Vanadium battery to supply most of their home and electric car’s energy needs.  Current solar storage systems marketed today require twelve lithium batteries over the same period; replaced every six to eight years.  

Leveraging VMAF technology’s advantages, Forever Energy can offer a true 30-year renewable energy solution for homes and offices far less expensively and cleaner than currently deployed systems.

With the FEv solar+storage system, Forever Energy will help meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity throughout the United States; especially as more people adopt electric cars.  Government incentives will reduce the cost of the system approximately by half.  The system will pay for itself in under 4 years – with reduced electricity/utility bills and no gasoline bills.  

As part of the development of FEv, Forever Energy intends to mass manufacture its Vanadium-based solar+storage systems in the Southeast region of the United States in a renovated automotive assembly plant; bringing 2,000+ jobs to the area. 

FEv systems will be marketed and sold through a nationwide network of local installers as a turnkey, integrated solution, including solar panels, energy storage, EV charging stations, monitoring and management software, and home integration services.  


Forever Energy intends to make FEv solar+storage systems available to solar energy distributors and installers in the Southern California market in 2Q2022.  Additional markets will be developed later in 2022.

About Forever Energy

Based in Bellevue, Washington, Forever Energy is a solar+storage company delivering an integrated whole-building energy solution.  Forever Energy designs, manufactures and markets FEv, a complete, end-to-end alternative energy storage service based upon Vanadium, the most advanced solar energy storage technology available today with a 30-year warranty.  

Forever Energy is currently privately funded.

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